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Our Programmes


A 6-12 weeks voluntary internship for youth over 18 who want to develop themselves and the world. 

A 6-12 weeks unpaid start-up internship for first or second year students who wish to develop entrepreneurial experience and their career.

A 3-12 months paid teaching internship for undergraduates or graduates who want to develop transferable skills 

for the world and their career.

By paying our our administration fee, you benefit from: 

- A voluntary or paid internship with AIESEC

- An exchange participant manager from home & host entity

- Outgoing preparation by home entity (via seminar/1-1/virtual)

-  Incoming preparation seminar by host entity

-  Preparation booklet (including logistics, visa, health as well as leadership     development support)

- 24 hour emergency hotline

- Reintegration seminar by home entity


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2. Browse projects within one of the countries listed above.

3. Once accepted, pay for the administration fee.

Emma, University of 


Hear what some of our participants have to say about their summer experiences with AIESEC last year!

Radvile, University of Aberdeen

"My summer experience in China changed me to be more forward-looking. It enabled me to develop my problem solving skills when facing challenging tasks such as language barriers, where I had to hone my ability to communicate effectively.

It also made me realise the bigger picture and humbled me a lot. A lot of the times being in the UK, I have taken things for granted but being out there in Guangzhou, seeing how hard people work for such little just to make ends meet reminds me to be grateful for what I have. Thanks AIESEC." 

Testimonials From Our Previous Participants

"Being in Brazil was incredibly challenging but at the same time, extremely rewarding! I was given the opportunity to step out of the comfort zone, be solution-oriented and think outside of the box."

Harry, University of Southampton

"Through AIESEC, I realised that I'm at my best when I'm helping to bring out the best in people. Many youths in Vietnam have potential but are not being helped - likewise in many other countries. I'd like to do what I can to help change this."

"In Colombia, I learnt the value of truly listening to others and understanding their views before putting forward my own, as someone coming from the other side of the world into a new community."

Roshan, University of Nottingham

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